La miniera del museo

Schedule time: 15:00


The colours and the lights from the earth will enchant children and help them learn about mineralogy collection of Luigi d'Arco.
This is a collection of 1088 minerals and about 2500 rocks, the core of which is constituted by the samples collected by Count d'Arco during his excursions among the Colline Mareniche (morainic hills), the Prealps in Lombardy and Veneto, the Appennino Emiliano and the Island of Elba.
Some pieces from areas far from Mantua, such as samples of sulphur and celestine from Sicily or pyrite from Crimea, are probably the result of exchanges with other naturalists or purchases.
There is also a beautiful sample of columnar basalt from the Vicenza area and several specimens of "granites from lakes" (Baveno, Montorfano, Mergozzo) accompanied by pink marble from Candoglia, the stone used exclusively for the construction and maintenance of the Milan Cathedral.
Access infoPlaces: 20 pax (ages 6 to 11); Prices: € 3,00 per child + € 2,00 ticket; Info: - 0376322242 .
Minimum 10 people, obligatory reservation.
Event languageItalian
Access typePaid admission
Location typeIndoor