Un Sogno fatto a Mantova

Schedule time: 09:00

12/06/2016 - 13/11/2016

The exhibition project “Un Sogno Fatto a Mantova” (the title comes from a short poem by Yves Bonnefoy) displays different things in different moments of the year.
The first consists of a series of light presentations with strong visual and conceptual impact in the gardens and halls of Palazzo Te.
Antony Gormley, of London, produced some works exhibited in internal courtyards at the palace; Hans Op de Beeck, who lives in Brussels, is the author of two recent videos that have never been seen before in our country (PARADE, 2012 and DANCE, 2013) that will be installed in the southern wing of the palace; the works of Ettore Spalletti will help us imagine a minimalist system capable of establishing fertile dialogue about subtraction with frescoes by Giulio Romano; French artist Michel Verjux created éclairages (lighting installations) which aim to focus on real things, what we have inherited, but under another light.
This first station is configured as an installation capable of building silently, inside a monument of art history, a new possible intermittent path capable of interacting with the previous path without limiting our experience of it, but by establishing the coexistence of two contiguous but asymmetrical itineraries.
The same dialogue should expand throughout the city, providing each artist involved in the Palazzo Te event a place to display their works, a suitable opportunity in a specific place in the historical centre of the city: a Gormley sculpture from the “Another Time” series will be placed in a square, Verjux will create another éclairage, an showing of Hans Op de Beeck's videos will be organised at a historical cinema or theatre in the city, and lastly, another work by Spalletti will be positioned in a historical building that is open to the public.
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