Agostino Arrivabene: Hierogamy

Schedule time: 10:00

03.09.2016 - 02.10.2016

Painter Agostino Arrivabene - from 3 September to 2 October - presents classic images, all of which are redone with a contemporary style.
A statement emerges that may be valid for all of the works by the Cremonese artist.
Inspiration translates into paintings that show compassionate attention for things that are deadly, fragile, or ill.
Refined oil on canvas paintings reaffirm the identity of this European painter, who has always pairs fascinating references to mythology and literature with careful attention to the construction of the work, also at the technical level.
The exhibition will also have a section in which Arrivabene combines painting, sculpture and jewellery: starting from a rereading of the works of Andrea Mantegna.
Access infoAccess: Casa del Mantegna, via Acerbi n.
47; info: - - +39 0376 360506 - +39 0376 432432 -
Access typeFree entry
Location typeIndoor