Aki Kuroda, pianoforte

Schedule time: 21:15


The Japanese pianist Aki Kuroda, a guest of the Eterotopie Piano Festival with his spectacular concert of music by Emerson Lake and Palmer, proposes a unique musical path around the term “Fantasy”, a topic that runs through the history of human creativity and that often is distilled, so to speak, into "creative cases".
Fantasy encompasses not only the musical genre, which many composers of the past have used to present their more innovative and intimate musical inventions.
In Final Fantasy, one of the most popular Japanese videogames in recent history, the fanciful events lived by the characters are accompanied by the refined music composed by Nobuo Uematsu and Masashi Hamauzu, subsequently collected in a piano collection of the same name, which Kuroda managed.
In our passage from the videogame screen to the big screen, we have to talk about Disney next.
Fantasia 2000 features the famous suite - performed here in the demanding transcription for piano solo by Guido Agosti - taken from the music from the ballet “The Firebird”, composed by Igor Stravinsky in 1910, which clearly revealed the absolute genius of the Russian composer.
The performance will also feature some of Erik Satie’s songs that fall into this category.
As a composer, he placed no limits on his own imagination.
The three Penultimate Thoughts, written by Satie in 1915 (a title that we think reflects the composer's usual tendency for sarcasm, inspired by the last thoughts of artists who are often remembered romantically as having a sort of magical place of creation) were dedicated to Claude Debussy, Paul Dukas and Albert Roussel.
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