Arte sull'acqua

Schedule time: 21:00

07.09.2016 - 11.09.2016

Artists from the association have chosen an interesting exhibition space that is not an institutional space in the city.
In particular, since 2005, they have rediscovered and appreciated a venue in the city centre that has been neglected for years, such as the “Rio Cittadino” with its waters and its beach: every year since then, this place has been furnished with floating installations and specially composed music that visitors can enjoy when stopping to look out from the Logge di Giulio Romano.
Dance performance or poetic reading accompany and interact with music and installations on the same theme: literary pages of Italian or foreign contemporary writers.
The artists and members who created the music, text comments, and water installations are, respectively: Barbara Rincicotti, Lorella Salvagni, and Donata Negrini.
Every year, Italian and foreign artists are invited.
Guests of the 2016 edition will be: Regine Ramseier from Switzerland and Candida Ferrari from Parma.
The steering committee that works to complete the project consists of: Ambra Alario, Cristina Bertini, Barbara Rincicotti, Donata Negrini and Lorella Salvagni.
Access infoRio, sotto le Logge di Giulio Romano
Access typeFree entry
Location typeOutdoor