Ensemble Variabile

Schedule time: 21:15


Three award-winning musicians from north-eastern Italy, with their vast international experience, will come together to produce a variable programme of that revolves around the presence of the voice.
That voice belongs to Annamaria Dell'Oste, and she will be performing works by Schubert and his contemporary Louis Spohr, in addition to a delightful revisiting of popular Italian opera music.
Two aspects of the art of singing are important, one is intimate and poetic and the other lends itself to the wiles of musical theatre.
The programme is completed with the excellent works by an Italian master, Nino Rota, admired for many songs written for films directed by Visconti, Zeffirelli and Fellini, but who was also a dedicated composer of classical music.
This is where his Sonata for clarinet and piano comes from.
It was written in 1945, for clarinettist Attilio Scotese, lecturer at the Liceo Musicale of Bari, which was headed at that time by a Milanese musician.
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