Galleria del Palazzo Municipale

Several plaques have been attached to the walls of the Gallery in the entrance to the Palazzo Municipale.
The oldest dates back to 1885, designed by Angelo Gilioli and designed by Agamemnon Paganini, and shows the names of 89 Mantuan patriots that Austrians accused of having collaborated with the French after they regained control of the city at the end of July 1799.
These men were deported to the imperial fortresses of Sibenik and Petrovaradin.
They were the democratic supporters who, during the Jacobean period, not only became supporters of the principles of the revolution, but also had been the to first to advocate the ideals of unity and Italy’s independence.
A second plaque was installed after a decision by the municipal council in 1895.
It bears the names of those who were convicted between 1851 and 1855 for their opposition of Austrian domination, as well as the names of those who gathered at the house of Livio Benintendi (in Via Chiassi 19) on 2 November 1850 to promote the conspiracy known as the Mazzinian Revolt or the conspiracy of Belfiore.
A third plaque is by the sculptor Carlo Cerati.
Dedicated in 1911, it bears thenames of those who took part in the Expedition of the Thousand that sailed from Quarto on 5 May 1860.
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