Gianni Del Bue: antologica

Schedule time: 10:00

13.10.2016 - 14.11.2016

The exhibition of Gianni Del Bue, born in Emilia but currently living in Piedmont - focuses on the Italian Renaissance (he was in Mantua for a show in 1995 at Palazzo Ducale, and again in 2000 at Palazzo Te).
Now, the exhibition is held at Casa del Mantegna, an important mark on his artistic path.
In fact, in the 1960s, he formed many ideas while reading and re-reading Andrea Mantegna.
Around 50 works are presented, paintings on wood and canvas, more than half of which have never been seen before, and were done over the last year specially for this exhibition.
The style of Gianni Del Bue, with his personal ironic and fantastic vocabulary, is firmly anchored in contemporary themes.
His art style emerges from research into the historical avant-garde of the 1900s, of which for a short time he was also an active participant.
The review also has a retrospective character, and constitutes a long journey that ends in Mantua - between its squares and its towers imagined from reckless points of view: places sometimes marked by interesting people such as thinkers or dreamers who discuss passionately, above the turrets, along the rivers, immersed in improbable ponds.
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Location typeIndoor