Igor Palmieri Quintet

Schedule time: 21:15


One of the latest reviews: "Igor Palmieri: a warm jazz breeze for a tenor sax.
Musical spirals, far-off echoes bringing nostalgia.
Behold, magical places materialise where Jazz becomes mythic.
He plays inside "his sound", imperturbable and apparently calm, but ready to take off in a vortex of his wonderful music.
I perceived him as always living on the edge of a line where he has already given important signals of "belonging" because playing jazz is his primary existential musical choice." Carmen Bertacchi, Art director The Sconfinando Sarzana Festival is a tribute to standard jazz, in particular to music from the fifties and sixties, from the West Coast School, of which the most famous artists were Chet Baker and Stan Getz.
The performance will include the most famous jazz standards, with original arrangements inspired by the music of these two great American musicians.
The musicians are the Igor Palmieri Quintet, headed by Igor Palmieri on tenor sax and Fulvio Chiara (trumpet), Simone Daclon (piano), Raffaele Romano (double bass), and Vittorio Sicbaldi (drums).
The Igor Palmieri Jazz Quintet is an instrumental ensemble that loves and is inspired by the historical bands that played the cultured, refined jazz of the mid-twentieth century.
Chet Baker and Stan Getz are recognised and recognisable thanks to their style of jazz style, characterized by their attention to sound, swing and greater attention to the melodies.
"In the era of great jazz music and academic jazz, the composure and warm, lyrical style of Chet Baker and Stan Getz really seem to have been lost.
Playing their repertoire, even the lesser known pieces, and paying homage to their genius is an ambitious but essential project for all of the musicians who are part of the project "Five for Stan & Chet".
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