Marco Dalpane, pianista

Schedule time: 21:15


Dog Breath Variations, tribute to Frank Zappa.
Iconoclastic genius and absolutely free.
Frank Zappa was certainly one of the 20th century’s most famous musicians.
An American hero, like Ives, Gershwin, Monk and Cage.
Academically speaking, his musical studies did not amount to much, but even though he lived in American Suburbia, at a young age he was attracted to the intensity of music by Igor Stravinsky and Edgar Varèse.
Of course, young Frank was also fascinated by R&B, Delta blues, Doo-Wop, and Spike Jones’s City Slickers.
There was no space to distinguish between high and low, or popular and cultured.
Art and entertainment are reflected in a masterful and mindblowing mirror game in the name of the conceptual continuity that guided him since he began making music.
He was an authentic self made man, solitary and proud of the endless hours spent in the studio, quite eccentric, and methodical and attentive as far as music was concerned.
He also had troubled relationships with schools and major classical orchestras.
Zubin Metha and Pierre Boulez, Kent Nagano and the London Symphony Orchestra all considered his works, but Ensemble Modern would succeed, at the end of his lifetime, in producing a result of absolute value in the execution of his scores.