Palazzo Benintendi

The Noble Livio Benintendi (1814-1896), linked to the Mazzinian organization since the 1840s, was one of the leaders of the Mantuan insurrection of 1848.
After the defeat of the revolution, he took shelter in Piedmont, but even though he was in exile, he did not stay out of the Mazzinian Revolt, also called of Belfiore, which spread widely through Lombardy and Veneto in 1850-1852.
The meeting which started the conspiracy initiative took place in his palace, located in the street known today as Via Chiassi, on 2 November 1850, on initiative of his administrator, Attilio Mori (1810-1864), who was also an active participant.
The following people participated: Francesco Siliprandi (landowner); Joseph Borelli (tenant farmer); Vincenzo Giacometti, Carlo Poma, Giuseppe Quintavalle and Achille Sacchi (doctors); Giuseppe Borchetta, Aristide Ferrari and Attilio Mori (engineers); Giovanni Rossetti (lawyer); Dario Tassoni (pharmacist); Domenico Fernelli (trader); Giovanni Acerbi, Luigi Castellazzo, Giovanni Chiassi and Paride Suzzara Verdi (university students); and Enrico Tazzoli and Giuseppe Pezza-Rossa (priests).
Above the building’s entrance, a plaque with the following inscription has been hung: "In this house, defying death, on the night of November 2 1850, the martyrs of Belfiore and their companions joined to conspire against the Austrian oppression."
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