Porte aperte a Bosco Fontana

Schedule time: 15:30


The Italian Long Term Ecological Research Network (LTER-Italy) is a network of terrestrial sites, freshwater, transitional and marine waters, on which are conducted long term ecological researches.
Belong to 25 sites distributed throughout the national territory, including the Nature Reserve of Bosco Fontana.
These sites are managed by leading research institutions, universities and institutions that deal with research and ecological monitoring in Italy.
Annually LTER-Italy organizes the "LTER-routes" to inform and share with the citizens the scientific research conducted at sites in the Network.
"Earthsea - The story of change between forests, lakes and the sea" is the LTER-route of 2016, includes six stages covered mainly by bicycle.
It will cross three regions of Northern Italy (Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto), including rivers, lakes, forests, meadows, hills, wetlands and finally to Venice, where Earth and Sea are in perpetual harmony.
The 1st of July the LTER-route will begin at the site of Bosco Fontana Forest and it will end the 6 July.
The route winds between the lake ecosystems of Northern Italy (Lake Garda and Lake Tovel), through Valsugana and then the Venice Lagoon and the Adriatic North .
It will arrive in Venice at the Institute of Marine Sciences of the National Research Council, in the ancient Arsenale, with a final event in which the Institute will be open to the public to talk about ecology and marine biodiversity, through the story of the LTER-routes and the sharing of research activities.
The 30th of June the citizens can actively participate in scientific researches that are normally conducted within the Reserve alongside researchers from the National Center Forest Biodiversity Verona, Bosco della Fontana.
PROGRAM FOR THE 30th OF JUNE 15:30: starting with bicycle from the lake “S.
Giorgio bridge” 16: 30-17: 00: welcome and presentation of the Reserve 17: 00-19: 00: Participation of the citizens to the researches and monitoring activities of the Centre.
The proposed activities are: • "Who will fall into the trap?" with the help of researchers, citizens will be participate to monitoring session of protected "saproxylic" beetles (which feed on wood).
Will be checked traps already installed on selected trees.
Citizens will have to check for target species and collaborate with researchers to record the capture data • "In search of what remains" are paths through the forest along which people will have to find and identify the remains of saproxylic beetles that were prey by corvids • "As the forest grows" citizens will perform cover reliefs in the forest • "We look like bees, but we are flies" application of the sampling method for catching hoverflies and their subsequent recognition • "Who sings in the woods?" Accompanied by ornithologists citizens will be guided in the acoustic and visual recognition of birds in the woods • "Pictures from the microcosm" it will illustrate the biodiversity of insects through the observation with the microscope of the entomological collections of the Centre 19: 00: aperitif 19:30: presentation of the nature documentary LTER "In cammino con la scienza"
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