Presentazione del volume di Angelo Poma, «Visione. A conforto della madre. Poemetto in ottave»

Schedule time: 17:00


Presentation of Angelo Poma’s book, "Visione.
A conforto della madre.
Poemetto in ottave" (1852), edited by the Istituto Mantovano di Storia Contemporanea, edited by Marida Brignani, with an essay by Giancorrado Barozzi.
The night following the hanging of Carlo, Angelo Poma wrote a sorrowful poem in octaves (which has never been published), in which he imagines that his brother urges him to console their mother from afterlife.
Access infoSala degli Arcieri di Palazzo Ducale (piazza Lega Lombarda)
Access typeFree entry
Location typeIndoor