Schedule time: 21:00


Ensemble comes from the need to highlight the category of more' tools' primitive '' and certainly more extensive: percussion instruments.
Pulse Ensemble fact deals with a repertoire ranging from contemporary music composed for percussion group (Cage, Reich, Gauger, Cirone) the transcription of pieces from the classical and modern repertoire (The Nutcracker, Morricone, etc).
The performances of which deals with the group are not just concerts, but of LESSONS CONCERT.
Many are in fact the instruments used and often these are difficult to find in other situations such as Marimba, Steel Drum, Udu Drum, Afuche (to name a few).
The audience is swept into a world of curious sounds, instruments by the forms and features unusual timbres and of course from 'performances of songs for Sun impactful and suggestion percussion.
The dell 'ensemble Pulse components boasts prestigious collaborations with Conductors, orchestras and artists.