Torre dei Gambulini

It is one of the three highest towers in Mantua, and it owes its name to the family that ordered its construction in the Twelfth century.
The Gambulini were not always the owners of the tower, which was handed over to the Ripalta and then, in 1249, became property of the Da Oculo family.
In 1289, the Gambulini Tower became property of the Gonzaga family when Ludovico I married Tommasina di Ottobuono Da Oculo.
Subsequently, Rodolfo Gonzaga left it to his son Aloisio who, after his wedding, had the interiors embellished with frescoes by Falconetto.
In 1526, the Gambulini Tower was the place where the Giovanni dalle Bande Nere died.
The tower remained property of the Gonzaga family until 1584, when it was annexed to the Jesuit college.
Since 1883, it has been a part of the State Archives and, in spite of plans to create a panoramic terrace, the tower is not currently open to the public.
(Margherita Fila)
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