Trio del Garda

Schedule time: 21:15


As they approach their 10th anniversary, the Trio of Garda still has the same founding members, unified by their common successes and goals and by different but happily integrated personalities.
Here, they come together to produce a programme formed from music written by Italian composers.
“Più che un tricolore” (More than a Tricoloured Flag) is the title that reveals the intention to not limit the music to their "classic” repertoire, but to offer a broader, more interesting selection of songs that made and are making musical history in our country.
Therefore, the review will feature music written by the Trio del Garda (specifically by Gabrio Taglietti, Guido Boselli, and Paolo Ugoletti), and transcribed scores like “Emozioni” by Battisti, great hits from the 1970s, the theme of “Mission” by Ennio Morricone, Rossini’s overture from “The Barber of Seville, and the hilarious “Ridda dei folletti” by Antonio Bazzini, originally written for violin.
The three singers, Mauro Scappini, Bruno Righetti and Eros Roselli, have acknowledgements, collaborations, albums and many awards and therefore can ensure wonderful entertainment.
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