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VOGLIA DI VINTAGE FUORI FESTIVAL - Meetings / Workshops / Performances / Expositions / Exhibitions / Parties.
In the heart of the city of Mantua, against the lush backdrop of Piazza Virgiliana, the 9th edition of this festival celebrating vintage will be happening.
During summer 2016, this event promoting change and its natural evolution will introduce an unconventional approach to the vintage themes, away from nostalgic trends and blurred memories.
A form of “current vintage” that includes a multitude of different worlds and areas of interest will be capable of combining, in the same event, notable personalities and excellent national celebrities, joined by the desire to tell stories and talk about themselves through their works and various artistic expressions.
Cinema, fashion, design, art and music will be the focus of three days during which the public can learn, compare and come to a decision about past and present trends, for the purpose of acquiring unprecedented cultural knowledge and experience.
- EXPO': Piazza Virgiliana will serve as a sumptuous setting for careful stylistic research to impress fans, intrigue the public at large and fascinate the collectors.
The main location of the festival will allow visitors to discover and enjoy an authentic "vintage experience", immersed in the charm of history in combination with the most current design trends.
One thousand square meters dedicated to sharing of special elements presented by a selected group of exhibitors of the national and international vintage panorama.
-EXHIBITIONS: Unpublished creative universes in fashion, art and design, from the past and present.
Location: Piazza Virgiliana/ private location in the historical centre open to the public.
WORKSHOPS: Interesting interactive events with some of the greatest experts of the sector explore customs and art.
Authentic free “courses” designed for the sole purpose of teaching and involving the public.
Specific topics in the areas of beauty, food and art will be explored in personal informal meetings, where participants can talk, laugh and learn.
- MEETINGS: Exciting meetings with illustrious guests who will talk directly with the public.
- PERFORMANCES: Spectacular travelling performers with choreographies inspired by tradition; old style and new trends.
- FUN: Live performances, DJ sets and parties will be the unmissable events of the end of the day during the evening sessions of the “fuori-festival”.
Evocative glamorous atmospheres with an international flavor will embrace the city of Mantua during the evenings and at night.
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