Baracca e Burattini - Quando gli uomini diventano burattini e i burattini uomini

Schedule time: 21:30


For the Academy's 70th anniversary, a theatre production of farces from the Campogalliani Family is staged.
The puppet roles are played in the rebuilt Baracca, by real actors.
Directed by Maria Grazia Bettini.
Partner: the "Lucio Campiani" Conservatory of Mantua.
This event can be connected or related to the presentation of the Campogalliani Fund (playbook manuscripts of the family, sketches, puppets, documents, handwritten manuscripts of Francesco Campogalliani, photographs, etc.) deposited by the Campogalliani Family at the Teresian Library, which is currently doing a complete inventory.
Access infoParco delle Bertone
Event languageItalian
Location typeIndoor