Biblioteca Teresiana

The Library of Mantua has deep historical roots in the social and cultural fabric of the city and its province.
In fact, it has been active for more than two centuries, uninterruptedly open to the public since 30 March 1780.
The Library was created by will of Empress Maria Teresa of Austria, and that is why it is ordinarily called the "Teresiana".
Its establishment was part of a larger plan for illuminated reforms, planned by the Viennese government and aimed at stimulating the cultural growth of the population throughout the empire, through education and scientific research.
The Royal Imperial Library, having spent the last years of the Eighteenth century in a climate of relative development and political favour, under the careful watch f prefect Leopoldo Camillo Volta, prepared to face the thousand difficulties the Nineteenth century had in store.
It was when the Library's ownership was transferred from the state to the municipality, in 1881 (the only case in Italy), that a new season began.
Thus the Library was confirmed as a place of identification of a community, as well as a living institution for the collection and reprocessing of the collective written memory.
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