Caffè Concerto Strauss

Schedule time: 21:15


This is a musical journey through Eastern Europe, a journey into the heart of unfettered and contrasted creativity and through a land steeped in the temperament of many people, lively virtuosity, and sudden melancholy moments.
The theme presented by the Caffè Concerto Strauss follows this direction.
The group members vary, but here they form a quartet: two string instruments, a piano and an accordion bring the colour of their penetrating spontaneity and of a group dedicated to entertainment.
Of course, the group’s presentation clearly explains their vocation.
They usually play in open spaces from Piazza San Marco in Venice to the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto.
Listeners will enjoy this series of famous pages that communicate instantly, and dream of long distance love and short-lived happiness, with the flavour pleasantly enjoying the joy of song.