Casa di Giulio Romano

It was one of the first examples of a project designed by an artist for himself.
Romano began service under Federico II Gonzaga in 1524, and created his residence in Contrada Larga - presently Via Carlo Poma n° 18 - in 1544, shortly before his death in 1546.
Today, the façade of the building is slightly modified compared to the original proportions, due to extension work performed by Paolo Pozzo in 1800, but it still expresses the spirit of Romano's mannerism.
The artist offers elements of his own style, like the aedicule windows surrounded by arches.
At the entrance, in a niche, there is a Greek statue of Mercury, restored by Primaticcio.
On the noble floor of the home, there is a large hall embellished by a large fireplace decorated with stuccoes that were even admired by Vasari.
On the walls, Romano - with his pupils - painted frescoes of statues of pagan gods.
The building is still privately owned.
(Irene Girardini)
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