Corpo Estraneo

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Presented at the festival of Toronto, “Corpo Estraneo” begins on the riviera of Ancona, on the Conero, where the two main characters fall in love.
His name is Angelo, and he’s Italian; she’s Polish and her name is Kasia.
Both are fervent Catholics.
The relationship is interrupted when the girl returns to Poland and decides to enter a convent.
Angelo, in an attempt to make her change her mind, leaves for Warsaw.
He finds work there, in a multinational led by Kris, a cynical boss who attempts to persuade him to go against his moral principles, though she is fascinated by his faith.
“The film is a psychological drama about the clash between corporate cynicism and the idealism of youth.
The interesting thing about the story is the fact that the person being persecuted is a young man, an Italian of genuine Christian faith.
Against him, there is a group of emancipated women who exceed men with their cynicism and brutality.
The result of the clash leads nowhere: idealism falters, while remaining bound to God, and cynicism breaks but remains far from conversion.” (Krzysztof Zanussi) - director Krzysztof Zanussi presents his film.
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