Duomo di San Pietro

Of Paleochristian origin, it has undergone several restoration operations.
The first, in medieval times, was supervised by Matilde di Canossa.
Traces of the numerous interventions are visible by observing the Cathedral of San Pietro as a whole.
The bell tower is an example of Romanesque architecture, the right façade is medieval, while the main façade is clearly Baroque, built between 1756 and 1761.
The most substantial restoration work, however, concerned the internal structure, which was entirely redesigned by Giulio Romano in the middle of the Sixteenth century.
The Latin cross plan (which echoes the plan of the Roman Basilica of San Pietro) is divided into four naves with decorated marble columns.
Along the two external naves, there are chapels decorated with altars and paintings.
Some of these hold the remains of important local personages, such as Luigi Gonzaga, the head of the family, and some of the bishops of Mantua.
The church is also home to the body of Saint Anselm, bishop and patron of the city, whose feast day is celebrated on 18 March.
(Eleonora Corti)
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