EpiCentro Culturale durante Festivaletteratura

Schedule time: 10:00

09/06/2016 - 09/11/2016

The activities of EpiCentro Culturale at Festivaletteratura offer workshops and entertainment to share with the whole family, also in the Valletta Valsecchi district, but not only.
The event takes place at the Spazio Gradaro and at places in the historical center, resulting in a "cultural migration" of the inhabitants of the district toward the city centre and of curious visitors towards the new Entro Culturale Diffuso in Valletta to discover what is behind it.
Access infoValletta Valsecchi (Spazio Gradaro, Biblioteca Baratta, Piazza Concordia); info and reservations: 0376.1511955; mail: segreteria@segnidinfanzia.org
Event languageItalian
Access typeFree entry