Franco Battiato e Alice - Mantova Arts Music

Schedule time: 21:00


The famous singer from Catania and the singer-songwriter from Forlì come to Mantua after their long spring tour, during which they sung together on many stages throughout Italy.
The two will be accompanied by the Ensemble Symphony Orchestra conducted by Carlo Guaitoli, the Ensemble with which Battiato has already performed for a short tour in July 2015.
Members and musicians include, in addition to Guaitoli (conductor and piano), Angelo Privitera (keyboards and programming), Osvaldo di Dio and Antonello D'Urso (guitars), Andrea Torresani (bass) and Giordano Colombo (percussion).
The concert will be divided into different parts that are connected, and it is the renewal of a profound artistic meeting between two similar people, to celebrate a bond that has remained solid even when their respective paths failed to cross directly.
Access infoJuly 22 2016 in Piazza Sordello, 9 pm | Ticket price: POLTRONISSIMA 69.00 € PRIMA POLTRONA 57.50 € SECONDA POLTRONA 46.00
Event languageItalian
Access typePaid admission
Location typeOutdoor