Franco Rognoni: retrospettiva

Schedule time: 10:00

11/25/2016 - 01/08/2017

A retrospective dedicated to Franco Rognoni - from 25 November to 8 January 2017 - summarizes the story of one a key exponent of Italian art.
The event will explore the turning point in his artistic training with Raffaello Giolli (an anti-fascist who died in the concentration camp of Mauthausen in 1945) and his work after the war, when Bruno Grossetti, owner of the Galleria dell’Annunciata in Milan, supported him.
His work will be observed in relation to his collaborations with Salvatore Quasimodo, Alfonso Gatto, and Giò Ponti.
At the end, the image of a independent artist emerges, on a solitary path away from the seduction of new “avanguardie” movements.
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