Historic centre: Interventions of Urban Regeneration

The old town centre of Mantua is the heart of the city life and its functions.
It’s a valuable asset to protect, preserve and regenerate. In the course of time the city centre has maintained that old charm that only a city of art like Mantua can have.

Mantua has become even more beautiful during this year as “Italian Capital of Culture 2016”.
In the city there are several urban regeneration and design interventions, in order to enhance and recover the assets.

The city will be shine thanks to the new lighting of arcades, vaults and columns of Lungorio, Pescherie, Torre San Domenico and Palazzo Te. Also, the columns of the arcades are perfectly cleaned and the granite and porphyry cobbles of the squares and streets have been repaired to ensure security for citizens and visitors.

The restoration and the enhancement of the city also concern the green areas. Giardini Valentini are returned public with a playground area, as well as Piazza Mantegna with the gradual elimination of the architectural barriers to make the square accessible to everyone. Another example is the organization of "Via delle Bancarelle "in Via Goito, a space available to the pitchmen during the weekends.
Mantua will be a new city, constantly evolving with its citizens and visitors.