International meeting for vintage and classic motorboats

Schedule time: 10:00

06/02/2016 - 06/05/2016

The meeting is open to all vintage motorboats that are able to maintain a cruising speed of 20 kilometres per hour.
The Organization has the faculty to admit more recent classic boats, provided that they are, due to their design or construction, of particular interest to nautical traditions.
Thursday 2/6 Morning: Boats due to arrive at the Club Nauticoat the Porto Catena Marina, Mantua.
Boats to be launched andmooredat the Club Nautico at the Porto Catena Marina Very important: please ensure that you get petrol before you arrive because there is no petrol pump at the Porto Catena Marina.
Afternoon: Middle Lake, Lower Lake and the Mincio Nature Reserve After leaving the Porto Catena Marina, we will navigate the Lower Lake, which will allow us to admire some of the most classic architectural masterpieces of the city, also romantically reflected on the lake.
We will continue on to the Vallazza Natural Reserve, a marshland extending over 1200 acres, fed by the waters of the River Mincio, which is home to a wide array of flora and fauna.
Friday 3/6 From the Lower Lake to the River Po, crossing through Leonardo’s locks to Ferrara Duration 5 hours–approx 85 kms – No speed limit The boats will depart from the Club Nauticoat the Porto Catena Marina and will navigate 19 kms.
through the Mincio Natural Park up to Governolo, where the Mincio and the Po rivers meet on two different levels, and to the lock that connects them.
Once through the lock, we will continue to navigate the river following the current, to admire the diverse environments, the wide array of flora and fauna, and find ourselves passing by pretty, little towns such as Revere, Ostiglia, Sermide and Castelmassa.
All boats turn around and return to the mouth of the Mincio, where they will be moored at the harbour of the Nautica Bagnolo San Vito in Correggio Micheli.
There is a petrol pump on the premises for anyone that needs petrol.
Return to Mantua with private bus.
Dinner in the historical centre of Mantua, at the characteristic restaurant “Il Cigno”.
Saturday 4/6 From the Lower Lake to the River Po, crossing through Leonardo’s locks to Cremona and back to Mantua Duration 5/6 hours – about 128 kms– No speed limit The boats will depart from the Nautica Bagnolo San Vito in Correggio Micheli and will continue to cruise along the river, this time against the current, passing through yet more diverse environments and permitting us to admire other picturesque towns such as Borgoforte, Boretto and Caselmaggiore, To name just a few, along our route.
It is here, along this stretch of water, where we will encounter the mouth of the river Oglio and its old bridge of boats, one of the very few still in existence.
All boats turn around and stop for lunch at the “Vecchio Cornione”, in the basin of Governolo, near to the mouth of the river Mincio.
Return to Mantua with our boats.
Dinner at the restaurant “La Fragoletta” next to the Lake Inferiore.
Sunday 5/6 Morning: Visitto the Palazzo Te Situated on the outskirts of the city, the Palazzo Te was a whim of Federico Gonzaga, as a leisureretreat.
This Palace is a Renaissance masterpiece with absolutely stunning frescoes and stuccoes.
Federico commissioned the artistGiulio Romano, who created rooms such as the Chamber of Amoree Psyche, the amazing Hall of the Horses and the breathtaking Chamber of the Giants, which is the most famous room in the palace.
Truly unique in the history of modern art, Giulio Romano’s daringly experimental painting in this room has remained unmatched for centuries.
- Snack at the Club Nautico at Porto Catena - Boats to be retrieved and end of the meeting |
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