Lungometraggio: Piano Liszt

Schedule time: 21:15


Franz Liszt is still considered one of the most emblematic and revolutionary people in the history of music.
Proof of this are the 300 movies that use Liszt's music in the soundtrack.
Films with the most diverse narrative contexts have chosen the Hungarian composer as one of the "most plundered classics of the big screen".
We will learn about this musical and visual romance from the film created by Francesco Leprino, author of several documentaries about music-related topics, and musicologist Luigi Verdi, another guest of Eterotopie Piano Festival.
From the Consolations to the Mephisto Walzer, Concerto n.
1, and Hungarian Rhapsodies - a continuous melody that passes smoothly from one well-known movie song to the next.
The authors say that this medley tends to convey, in a sense of space-time compression, the attitude that movie makers have had for the past century toward this great composer and also Liszt's own rhapsodic spirit.
To complete this cinematic adventure, the concert features students of all ages from the Accademia Pianistica Mantovana, who will be performing works by Liszt in a grand musical festival.
Access infoCinema del Carbone (Via Oberdan)