Mantova Phygital City


Download the App Mantova on your smartphone and visit the city in a fun and interactive way!
You will find lots of contents specifically chosen for you: 360° videos, images, augmented reality, more than 400 events every month, all the places of interest and services available in the city!


In the new 2.0 App version we have introduced 360° videos!

A way to experience augmented reality and to get ready for the visit thanks to an immersive experience, where you will have a complete overview of the place, look at it from different viewpoints simply by moving your device; everything is made even more interesting by a virtual guide that will prepare you for the visit.

Mantova Phygital City


In the section “Explore Mantua” you will find the city map with all the artworks and places of artistic interest or public utility, categorized by color and image to be easily identified and searched.

You will be able to move easily on the city map but also inside the most important monuments like Palazzo Te or Palazzo Ducale.

Once you have chosen the place you want to visit, you will find the fastest path to get there.



To allow all users to visit easily Mantua, particular attention has been given to the accessibility conditions of all places, events or public services distinguishing two main categories: people with disability and families.

At the top right of each card there is an icon that shows the corresponding degree of accessibility: if the symbol is green, the place or event can be visited by all types of users, whether it is yellow, there may be restrictions for some categories and if it is grey there is no information to certify the accessibility. Within these sections it will be possible to consult the specific categories of users that can access (or not) safely the selected place or event.


Mantua, designated Italian Capital of Culture 2016, becomes the first Italian Phygital City.

Phygital” is the synthesis between the physical and digital experience, that is technology to provide users with a new way to interact with the city using digital channels.

An experience that allows the citizens to benefit from dedicated services and gives them a direct line with the city, the administration and the services; where tourists can visit the city and work in a new and customized way, interacting with the available media and where a virtual assistant- Virgilio - suggests and plans the visit according to the preferences, the physical position and the temporal context.

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