Request for a Marketing - Sponsorship - Logo Use Plan

The Municipality of Mantua, with the intention of making full use of the city of Mantua's planning capabilities, in the year of the Capital of Culture 2016, has defined a precise marketing strategy, by approving a territorial marketing Plan.
The Marketing Plan offers - through a system of strategic alliances and precise sponsorship modules - the opportunity for companies and private citizens to support initiatives involving Mantua Italian Capital of Culture 2016, increasing and promoting their image on the reference market, reinforcing the perception of their commitment to cultural marketing with shareholders, customers, and employees.

Identification of the Mantua Italian Capital of Culture 2016 brand offers supporters the opportunity to build incisive viral and social media marketing messages, to create and consolidate contacts and relationships with the media and to reach new and larger target groups.
For sponsors, their support will represent an opportunity to create strong bonds with institutions and public administration, emphasising their own connection with their native territory.

Associate their image with the city of Mantua - one of the top cities in terms of quality of life, environmental sustainability, and produced and distributed wealth, represents further added value for a national sponsor.
public notice for the acquisition of a show of interest in order to find offers for financial sponsorship for initiatives involved in Mantua Italian Capital of Culture 2016
By filling in this form, it will be possible to request a Marketing and Sponsorship Plan, in addition to rules on using the logo for Mantua Italian Capital of Culture 2016.

In compliance with Legislative Decree 196/03, the details collected here will be used only to provide periodical information concerning activities and initiatives by the Municipality of Mantua and will not be shared with third parties. Sending one's personal details is optional. However, without personal references it will not be possible to provide the requested services. The party who owns these details may exercise the rights indicated in article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03. The owner of the right to process these details is the Municipality of Mantua (Mantua) - Italy.