Museo del Tempo e della sua Misura

In the tall Torre dell'Orologio, Time truly plays a leading role.
Not only because of the complex mechanism behind the wonderful astronomical clock - made in 1473 by Bartolomeo Manfredi, mechanic, mathematician, and astrologer to the Gonzaga Court, and situated in the tower to inspire awe in the citizens of Mantua with its multiple chronological and astronomical indications - immediately celebrated by contemporary chroniclers as a work of extraordinary ingenuity.
On each floor, in fact, climbing up towards the top of the building, there is an original Museo del Tempo e della sua misura, ready to guide the visitor through an exciting voyage of discovery of the very notion of time.
Through a well-designed path through showcases, objects, panels, and an interesting time line, it is possible to come into contact with fascinating devices that, through the ages, have allowed man to experiment and measure on of the most intriguing mysteries of science and of existence itself.
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