Niccolò Fabi - Mantova Arts Music

Schedule time: 21:00


On 14 July, the stage in Piazza Castello will feature the elegant, essential music by Niccolò Fabi with his new work "Una somma di piccole cose" which is coming out on 22 April.
The new album was written entirely by Niccolò and proves to be the most effective summary of the singer-songwriter’s human and musical characteristics and his 20-year artistic path.
Niccolò Fabi decided to introduce his tour and the new album by inviting young Turinese singer-songwriter Alberto White to join him on stage along with his band, formed by musicians Nefat Damir, Filippo Cornaglia, Matteo Giai, after listening to them play live at a pub.
Access infoJuly 14 2016 in Piazza Castello, 9 pm | Ticket prices: POLTRONISSIMA 34.50 euro, PRIMA POLTRONA 28.75 euro, SECONDA POLTRONA 23.00 euro
Event languageItalian
Access typePaid admission
Location typeOutdoor