Pescherie, Lungorio and Torre San Domenico

The architectural complex of Pescherie by Giulio Romano shines again. The artistic lighting is created by the light designer Giovanna Bellini in partnership with the Guzzini company and the Associazione Amici di Palazzo Te e dei Musei Mantovani. The lighting system gives to the whole structure an elegant atmosphere that surrounds also the Torre San Domenico and the Lungorio.

The building with large porches was built in the sixteenth century by an idea of the Palazzo Te architect, it was designed for sales fish. It was also connected to Beccherie, the public slaughterhouse made just starting from the design drawings by Giulio Romano, then it was destroyed and rebuilt in the nineteenth century.

The current lighting system enhances the architectural complex, making rediscover the beauty of this historically interesting area.

The urban regeneration works exalt the architectural volumes of the Loggiato of Beccherie, without interfering with the course of the water and giving to the place an ancient air. A focus on Piazza dei Martiri di Belfiore, Torre San Domenico and the paths of the Giardini. Here the lighting accomplishes two goals: to provide security to tourists and citizens, and to give a very suggestive atmosphere at the area.

The works were completed on 13 February 2016.