Bertrand Giraud, pianoforte

Schedule time: 21:15


The programme is designed around a tribute to simplicity that such as the Premier Gymnopédie composed by Satie in 1888.
It will also give the public the rare chance to listen to some works of another Frenchman, Emmanuel Chabrier (Ambert, 1841 - Paris, 1894), a composer admired by Debussy and Ravel.
The Three Sonnets of Petrarch by Franz Liszt, originally written for voice and piano, were included in this rewrite for solo piano, within the famous collection of songs from the musical album Années de Pèlerinage - Italie.
Sublime images from Petrarca’s poems are musically illustrated through an extraordinary melody that anticipates, with its ephemeral strains, the piano music of Debussy and Ravel.
Liszt took his search for the perfect register to extremes towards the end of his life to the extreme, with the impressionistic and rarefied chords of Nuages Gris (Grey Clouds) in 1881, which was not so far from the enchanting esoteric works of Satie at a young age.
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