Conservatorio di Musica Lucio Campiani

In 1777, the first school of music opened in Mantua.
The official deed that instituted the school was the Regio Dispaccio of Maria Teresa of Austria dated 2 January 1777.
After thirty years of administration by Maestro Mattia Milani, classes continued with private teachers until 1834, when a new popular school of music was reinstated with three distinct sections: Singing, String Instruments and Woodwinds.
The Palazzo dell’Accademia was chosen as the location, and it continued to host music schools in various forms until 2012.
Public institutions returned to take care of it with the Municipal Congregation, which on 26 November 1864 set up the municipal school of music.
After three years of administration by the Accademia Virgiliana, its operation was ensured by the Municipality of Mantova.
On 18 August 1925, the Municipal Council dedicated the Municipal School of Music to Maestro Lucio Campiani, its first director, who served until 1 October 1905.
In 1972, Mantua’s ancient musical institution was awarded the prestigious title of State Conservatory, first as a separate branch of the "Arrigo Boito" Conservatory of Music in Parma.
The Conservatory of Mantua was recognised as autonomous in 1980.
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