Festa creativa al Parco dell'arte "Spirito Contemporaneo"

Schedule time: 18:00


The month of Mantua Italian Capital of Culture reserved for contemporary culture will close with a choral event dedicated to the various businesses and groups committed to promoting creative innovation in its various forms: art, dance, music, theatre, research, etc.
The exceptional venue of this event is the Parco Dell'Arte, the perfect blend of environmental heritage (the Parco del Mincio), history (the Renaissance era skyline of the city) and its "Contemporary Spirit" (art installations).
Performance by the Compagnia Teatrale Campogalliani and the contemporary dance company COD Mantova Creativa in collaboration with Parco Del Mincio and Alkemica.
Access infoParco dell'arte (North-east shore of Lago di Mezzo, near Sparafucile )