Giancarlo Cardini, pianoforte

Schedule time: 21:15


Giancarlo Cardini was the first person in Italy to have performed the Satie’s works in their entirety, and due to his eclectic musical interests ranging from Satie to Cage, to Italian songs to composers of different cultural origins, he is one of the front runners of the Italian avant-garde (and not only) in the last forty years.
At Eterotopie Piano Festival, he is presenting a variegated programme with absolutely new pieces for the public of Mantua.
Short, atmospheric piano pieces make up the collection “Night: by Australian composer Peter Sculthorpe, who along with Carl Vine, is among the most representative of the last few decades.
Sculthorpe’s works are dominated by a musical and naturalistic sensitivity inspired by aboriginal cultures and indigenous musical themes.
Dave Smith belongs to that group of English composers that developed under the influence of Cornelius Cardew, the inventor of visual scores, who once belonged to the famous Scratch Orchestra.
His style is mainly minimalist, but his work incorporate influences of many types of cultured western music.
Smith has composed 11 solo piano concerts, and Cardini will be playing some of these pieces in a sort of anthology.
Young composers also appear in the programme as Cardini plays tribute to them, as friends and companions of shared musical adventures.
And in honour of Satie, for this 150th anniversary, Cardini is presenting a collage that he composed, a medley of Satie’s better known light and playful pieces and the esoteric Socrates, which is among his favourites of John Cage's works.
To John Cage, to close the circle, Cardini dedicates his song “Rituals for the Ryoanji Garden”.
This is what the Florentine pianist says about it: "The song title evokes the famous gardens at the Ryoanji Zen Temple in Kyoto (already celebrated by Cage) and elevates it as the location of mysterious rituals and performance, music and choreography at the same time.
Toward the end of the piece, a citation of a popular Japanese song dedicated to cherry blossoms appears."