La Cerimonia del Sé a Palazzo Te. Il teatro barbarico di Giovanni Lindo Ferretti.

Schedule time: 19:00


Equestrian performance.
In the 15th and 16th centuries of the Christian era, in Mantua, at the Gonzaga court, the horse became a symbol and a passion.
"La raza de casa, nostra" is celebrated with the Sala dei Cavalli, at Palazzo Te, a timeless tribute to horses.
A multimedia programme offers a new look at this concept, as well as a celebration-performance at sundown during late summer.
A "Ceremony of the Self" curated by Giovanni Lindo Ferretti with Morel Favorito and Sauro Innominato, for the free barbaric theatre company of men, horses and mountains.
Production courtesy of the Centro Internazionale d’Arte e Cultura di Palazzo Te and the Municipality of Mantua Civic Museums.
Access infoIsola del Te
Location typeOutdoor