Museo dei bambini

Schedule time: 10:00


At Palazzo Ducale, there is a space that is truly unique in the world: an apartment that is called “dei nani” (of the dwarfs), which actually contains a reinterpretation of the Holy Staircase of the San Giovanni Laterano church, because of the Duke’s devotion.
Duke Ferdinando, who was a cardinal, had it built in 1615.
In these small rooms, which due to their reduced size are believed to have been the residence of little people who served at the Mantua court, a special area for children has been set up where they can learn about the history of the Gonzaga family.
This is the starting point for new adventures in time and space.
Access infoComplesso Museale Palazzo Ducale di Mantova, Cavallerizza; Access with ticket; maximum 15 people each group; tel:0376 352100/128
Access typePaid admission
Location typeIndoor