Palazzo Te. "La raza nostra de casa"

Schedule time: 10:00

01/10/2016 - 31/10/2016

The horses bred by the Gonzaga family were admired by sovereigns, popes and princes from Italy and throughout Europe, who celebrated the art of Mantegna and Giulio Romano at Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo Te.
Heralded by writers and glorified in the chronicles of time in stories of contests, parades and equestrian shows: they are the famous local breed, "La Raza our de casa" in the words of the Marquis Francesco II, the most famous of Europe, the pride of the lords of Mantua.
Laid out following the concept of the Gonzaga family’s passion for horses and their value for the court in Mantua, the project starts by presenting the portraits of six superb steeds in the Sala Cavalli in Palazzo Te and then tells the compelling story of Virgil’s horses and the broader concept of Renaissance-era European courts through an interesting mix of the fiction of art and the reality of the palii (annual races), parades and equestrian shows.
Thanks to the scientific contribution of scholars in the field and information found in the extensive iconographic documentation and other resources, Palazzo Te can offer tourists an innovative new itinerary when they come to see the Villa.
Access infoSala Cavalli at Palazzo Te and adjacent rooms; duration: October 2016