San Giorgio Castle, battiponte and fortified tower

In Castello di San Giorgio, built between the end of the Fourteenth century and the beginning of the following century by Bartolino Ploti, an architect from Novara, only three of the four towers are equipped with projected castellated walkways, supported by corbels, between which one can still see the embrasures.
The non-castellated tower was to be the highest, the high fortified tower, which was never finished, as one can tell from the putlog holes that are still visible.
In front of this tower, one can also see a counter-tower against which the original drawbridge used to close.
The drawbridge was later replace with the masonry bridge that still stands.
In front of the counter-tower, towards Piazza Castello, the bridge landing - the masonry structure on the other side of the moat that used to support the end of the drawbridge when it was lowered - is still clearly visible.
From here, with the ticket for the Museo di Palazzo Ducale, one can access either the Camera degli Sposi - located in the North-Eastern tower of the manor - or the space dedicated to renaissance art exhibitions on the ground floor.
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