Torre dello Zuccaro or Tur dal Sucar

The Tur dal Sucar - 42 metres high - was originally owned by the commune.
In 1273 it was purchassed by the Ripalta family, who in turn sold it to the Bonacolsi family, who are said to have connected the Gabbia Tower to the Tur Dal Sucar with secret passageways.
During the second half of the Sixteenth century, the Tower was purchased by Giulio Ceruti.
At his death, he left it to his wife Veronica Battaglia, who in 1590 tranferred it to her second husband, Galeazzo Campi.
In the Eighteenth century, the Tower was still an integral part of the court.
The tower currently belongs to the Municipality of Mantua, and is not open to the public.
(Margherita Fila)
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