Torre dell'Orologio

Located between Palazzo della Ragione and the Romanesque Chiesa di San Lorenzo, the Torre dell'Orologio dominates Piazza delle Erbe.
The entrance stairs lead to the noble floor of Palazzo della Ragione and, from here, climb to the other floors of the tower itself.
With a rectangular floorplan, built in 1472-73 - to a design commissioned to Luca Fancelli by Marquis Ludovico II Gonzaga - the tower is home to the astronomical clock made in 1473 by Bartolomeo Manfredi, mechanic, mathematician and astrologer to the Gonzaga Court, and son of Giovanni Manfredi, who was also a clock maker.
The astronomical clock, installed on the tower in December 1473, was celebrated by chroniclers of the time as a work of extraordinary ingenuity.
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