Voglia di vintage festival

Schedule time: 10:00

29/10/2016 - 30/10/2016

Two days in the “Italian capital of culture” to discover the fashion and design of the past.
An unconventional journey into the world of vintage This is the tenth edition of the Voglia di Vintage Festival - organized by Green Eventi a e Comunicazione agency - which will be hosted Saturday 29 and Sunday October 30, for the first time , in the prestigious setting of Palazzo della Ragione in Mantua, venue of the Civic Museums and major exhibitions 'art.
Character and transformation are the watchwords of the event: unconventional experience where the public looking for stories and ideas between shopping, meetings, exhibitions, workshops, performances and parties, with the aim of spreading the culture of vintage with extremely modern approach, going beyond the "nostalgic tendencies" that usually characterize it.
Attractive and interactive meetings with some of the foremost experts in the field of social phenomena and art.
Real "free classes.
A unique experience to chat, laugh and learn about Vintage.
Event languageItalian
Access typePaid admission
Location typeOutdoor