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Nervi combines engineering and architecture of the highest levels, developing his experimental theories and research in reinforced concrete, using "molten rock" as a ductile material.
Requirements: The building was to support and enclose the largest continuous machine in Italy: in a path covering more than 100 m, the system transformed wood paste into newspaper and wound it on large bobbins at a rate of almost a thousand metres per minute.
Throughout the length of the façade, more than 160 m, no interruptions were allowed to support the structure.
In addition, the design was required to include the possibility of housing another machine of the same dimensions, thus requiring twice the necessary surface area.
Solution: immediately, the idea of building a structure similar to a bridge covering the whole facility sprung to mind.
But the cost of the foundations would be too high.
So Nervi designed two independent systems: 1 base, on two levels, supporting the continuous machine, and incorporating all the other systems.
At 22 m, on the other hand, he built the roof, with an uninterrupted system of steel reticular beams, suspended using 4 chains to 2 cables in reinforced concrete - 47 metres long.
A continuous façade of steel and glass is "woven" between the base and the roof.
Innovative in technique and design, this project is symbolic of the company's international nature.
In fact, at that time Nervi was one of the most prestigious names in the world, known for his inclination towards research, going from materials to developing surprising solutions.
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