Le Perle di Mantova

Schedule time: 17:00


A pearl is a precious object enclosed in a shell, and in our case the shell is Mantua, a UNESCO city and the Capital of Italian culture.
The tour lasts one hour and a half, and promises an emotional trip in order to entertain visitors and make sure they have a wonderful time in our city.
This entirely outdoor route starts from the Infopoint at Casa di Rigoletto, and continues through the internal courtyards of Palazzo Ducale and on to Piazza Dante, which is near the Teatro Scientifico of Bibiena and the Teresian Library.
After crossing the Jewish ghetto, visitors Pescherie of Giulio Romano, the Basilica of Sant'Andrea and the tour ends in Piazza Sordello emerging from Vicolo Bonacolsi.
Access infoDeparture from Infopoint Casa del Rigoletto-Piazza Sordello n.
23; Price: 6 euro per person (children up to age 14 free); information and reservations: 0376.288208; mail: info@infopointmantova.it
Access typePaid admission
Location typeOutdoor