Palazzo Castiglioni Bonacolsi

Erected in 1281 and commissioned by Pinamonte, the head of the family.
The Gabbia Tower, next to the building, was the family's symbol of power, and was part of the buildings of the civitas vetus.
The tower house, which can be seen from the courtyard and from Vicolo Bonacolsi, is also part of the complex.
It was ordered by Pinamonte to protect the buildings owned by the family.
In 1328, the Palazzo became property of Ludovico I Gonzaga.
Today, it is referred to as Palazzo Castiglioni, after the family who purchased it in 1808 - one of the most important families in the Lombardy area in the Tenth century.
The complex is made of terracotta and features Ghibelline merlons.
The large pointed arch on the far left side was presumably added after the building's original construction, some time around the end of the Fourteenth century.
The central door and the balcony are more recent: the Renaissance style marble of the doorway, with the symbols of Isabella d'Este, were aplied by the Castiglioni family.
(Irene Girardini)
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