Teatro Vecchio - Museo Nazionale dei Vigili del Fuoco

It was rebuilt where a Sixteenth century theatrical structure belonging to the Gonzagas was previously located.
This building was home to the works of Carlo Goldoni in the middle of the Eighteenth century, and was the setting of works by Antonio Vivaldi, in Virgil's city since 1718.
The building, destined to become the Archducal Theatre during the Austrian Administration, was intended to be the only stage for comedy plays opening in 1733 by the grand theatre of the court, designed by Ferdinando Galli Bibiena for Duke Ferdinando Carlo Gonzaga Nevers.
In this structure, which was subject to significant restoration work in 1755 and 1766, all plays were transferred from 1781, when a fire completely destroyed the Teatro Nuovo.
In 1797, during the French siege, the Austrians dismantled the Teatro Vecchio for firewood
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